Alright. So now it’s time for me to talk about me, which we all know will never be sincere enough, so: 
I’m weird. I’m Xtra bold and italic. I do not conform, I do not abide, but I might compromise. 
I live, I laugh and I make films, films that are exactly like myself, like the above... 
I’m a beauty worshiper and a visual spirit. 
My eyes are my vessel and my eyesight is my talent. 
Art is my favorite drug, it also dominates me. 

And now let’s go back to what you were expecting to read:

I’ve done my multimedia and audio Visual studies at USEK, Lebanon.
Kicked off as a model at the age of 17, then shifted to art direction at 20, 
and made tons of ads and music videos. 
But Marketing remained my most enticing edge, so I proudly handled Make Up For Ever’s 360 campaigns for more than 2 years, followed by Kiko Milano for a year as well. 
I had to become a director of my own films, It made perfect sense, I was almost doing it throughout the way. So currently, I conceive editorials and artistic short films that I showcase in Berlin, alongside usual commercials and music videos.
I’ve almost shot every Diva I’ve been fond of  in my region. 
And I, finally, had no idea writing about me would be so much fun... 
I’d do it again...
Bye now.

About US

Those who play the content game shall lead the new world

Content is trigger when carefully ignited. 

Content is key when meticulously developed.

Content is conception when madly translated.

This is our rather simple yet blunt tri-phased strategy. 

We were acclaimed for our content creation skills and we plan to keep it this way.

We know what we’re made of, we’re made of words and thoughts. 

Some call us dreamers, we see it as a sacred bubble, we tend to allow our partners only to indulge in. 

The core must appeal to the soul before the execution appeals to the senses.

Creative Director : Sherif Tarhini





Our team is producing high quality music videos.


Our team knows how to present your company and products best.

Art Direction

Our Art Directors are managing creative projects to get the best results.


Our team of professional photographers takes care of your project.


Our team of stylists will take care of your perfect look.

Social Media

Our agency team supports Social Media accounts to get more succsess.

Social Media


Art Direction

Sherif Tarhini - Art Director 
Ramy Nabha - Art Director 
Dan Haddad - Art Director

MusiC Videos

Some of our produced Music Videos.

Goumi - Artist Myriam Fares 

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2018

 Aghla men ayouni - Artist Melissa 

Director: Sherif Tarhini  2017

Ammo - Artist Ammo Fahed

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2020

Keda Bye - Artist Nawal Elzoughbi

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2019

Habibi Elghali - Artist Djo Mani

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2019

Shouf Halak Alayi - Artist Myriam Fares

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2017

Gharrouk - Artist Myriam Fares

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2016

Hala Hala - Artist Salim Assaf 

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2019

Mohammed al Majzoub - Madi Aswad 

Director: Sherif Tarhini 2019

Comercial Videos

Some of our produced Comercial Videos.

Artist Show Campaign

Contour like a Pro

The Brow Show

The Brow Show 2

The Execessive lash campaign

Crimson wishes by Bouba

Kiko Milano x Fady Kataya

Kiko Beauty Looks

Kiko Beauty Looks 2

Kiko Beauty Looks 3

Atomic Blonde

Red Rose

Beautique by Bouba

Midnight Lust

In the Mist

Comercial - Making Of CK 1

Comercial - Making Of MF Goumi 2

Comercial - Making of Artist Show 3


Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5

Kiko Eyeliner Tutorial 6



Music Video

Mohamed El Majzoub Music Video x Universal Music - OUT NOW

Music video

Banah Music Video x Universal Music - bald verfügbar

Launching Party




Schlüterstraße 60, 10625 Berlin 

Number: +0049 30 / 555 78 78 44